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Carved Solutions & Vermont Teddy Bear Company | How Our Businesses Make Gifting Personal!

Co-Written By: Carved Solutions CEO/Owner Dawn Lancaster & Vermont Teddy Bear‘s Chief Bear Bill Shouldice

Our world has become anonymous in so many ways. People are so busy and involved in their electronics, technology and work, we often miss those moments of real connection. When is the last time that you were in a public place and caught the eye of a stranger and started a conversation?  Our heads are down and we are missing these opportunities to connect. Missing that connection causes many folks to spend time on social media every day, seeking ♥’s, likes, RTs, follows and friends in hopes of being acknowledged, noticed, and seen.

The one thing in life we all respond to is our name. When someone calls it, or we see it written, we identify it with ourselves immediately. A high quality, Vermont-made gift with the added value of personalization creates validation! The recipient has tangible proof that they are noticed and seen; tangible proof that they are important to someone. Recipients feel cared about, special and appreciated when someone takes the time to create a truly personal gift for them. In some cases, the gift becomes an heirloom passed down and loved through generations – a truly meaningful, unique gift.

From announcing a new baby, celebrating birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries to commemorating life’s moments like graduation, retirement, and memorials, the personalized gift-giving occasions and opportunities are endless! “A fine gentleman took his beloved on a hike. When they reached their destination, there was a burning Carved Solutions candle awaiting the lovely woman. Upon closer inspection she discovered the candle said, ‘Will you marry me?’. She said, ‘Yes!’” Dawn recalls. People are always shocked and pleased to find their name on very unique and luxurious made in Vermont gifts. At Carved Solutions, they refer to it as the “WOW” factor because of the reactions when they shared a prototype bar of soap with their recipient’s name on it. “WOW!” is something they hear time and time again, from individuals trying to celebrate their loved ones to event décor at Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s Inaugural Gala.

Using techniques like carving, engraving, printing, embossing, embroidering, sublimating, and sandblasting, Carved Solutions offers initials, monograms, names, logos, custom motifs, holiday and seasonal designs as well as themed designs. People also identify themselves by things they love, whether it be collections, sports, hobbies, horoscopes, professions, lifestyle, religion, heritage, or even politics. They also offer many different gift mediums – soaps, candles, jewelry, cutting boards, glassware, unbreakable beverageware, ornaments, signage, engraved accessories and more!

Being concierge-minded, Carved Solutions’ staff is remarkably accommodating. Not only do they take the time to give each and every client their undivided attention, they ask thought-provoking questions to determine the best gift and the best type of personalization for the gift-giver’s recipient. Serving the personalization market for over a decade has given them quite a bit of experience in learning how to best touch someone’s heart with a personalized gift, how to make someone feel truly special.

From choosing the Teddy Bear’s size, fur, eyes, and paw pad messaging to choosing its outfit, embroidery, or photo-realistic artwork, a Vermont Teddy Bear gifter can create a gift that is guaranteed to “WOW!” the recipient. Our Bear Crew has been lucky to see numerous children and adults receive a personalized gift within our Retail Store. Bill recalls a child exclaiming aloud, “this is the best day of my life” after receiving a personalized new best friend – it’s hard to beat that! We show personalization on our products both in our catalog and on our website, in addition to making it part of the checkout process. If you don’t add personalization after all the reminders, it can feel like you’re not giving the complete gift. If anyone is unsure about the process or their options, they can contact a friendly Bear Counselor at 1-800-829-BEAR (2327).

Carved Solutions’ tag line says it all — “Gift giving is personal”. Personalization makes both our quality Vermont-made gifts stand out from the crowd, ensuring guaranteed gift-giving success. The special experience of the giver and recipient keeps folks returning to our businesses again and again. It grows our fan base because the excited recipient wants to share the feeling too! Both of our companies have the ability to personalize gifts in 24-48 hours, allowing us to make “gifting personal” easy – yes, you can wait until the last minute, and we your gift will still arrive in time!

Carved Solutions concierge-minded staff can be reached at 1-802-872-0047 or orders@carvedsolutions.com 

What’s your favorite personalized gift you have ever given or received?



NOVEMBER already!

The time is now! Holiday season is upon us! Do you realize that there are only 61 days left of 2009? Over the next two months we have a lot of folks to appreciate and a lot of reasons to celebrate!

Carved Solutions makes giving personal easy!

Known as the Most Desired Monogrammed Soaps & Monogrammed Candles in the industry we know what you are looking for (thanks to all your feedback!):

You want affordable luxury – giving elegant, practical, memorable, personalized gifts. Each one of your recipients will feel completely spoiled, appreciated and touched that you cared enough to create, just for them ~ the very best! A Carved Solutions gift is perfect for every recipient and every occasion.

Carved Solutions Personalized Soaps
Carved Solutions Personalized Soapd

You want the most exquisite soap and luxurious candle formulations.

100% vegetable soap base comes in a variety of qualities. Carved Solutions uses only the best soap base in the industry. By starting with quality we guarantee pure, clean, color-free and odor free base. Allowing our bars to exhibit their full richness, enhance the moisturizing properties they’re known for and the creamy lather.

Our Base        vs         Their Base
Our Base vs Their Base

Only the finest fragrance quality will do. Our signature aqua-mineral scent is simple, clean and fresh; often thought of as addicting and intoxicating! The best part is that this water-based fragrance is safe for all skin types and sensitive noses!

Made in Vermont and triple-milled to maximize lathering and experience. A Carved Solutions bar experience last many times longer than other “luxury” soaps. We know you are intelligent and don’t try to fool you into thinking you are gaining value with a very large, gaudy bar. Our 4.5 ounce bar is just right for the perfect washing and bathing experience!

Our candles are 100% plant-based from wax to fragrance! Completely biodegradable and Made in Vermont! Each burns with an unbleached, all cotton wick – safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment (NO hidden additives – plastic or petroleum – in a Carved Solutions candle. Enjoyable even in the most sensitive homes!) We care about your health!

You want the finest impression (quality does matter) deepest carving, finest detail.

Sometimes you have a lot to say and Carved Solutions advanced engraving, carving technologies gives you 63% more personalization room.

You want to work with a family owned and operated business that gives you real personal attention and the quickest turn-around time.

You want natural and environmentally friendly products and production methods ~ true Eco-Luxury (1, 2)

You want integrity! When we say “Made in USA” you can really trust us; even our packaging is US made. Carved Solutions is the only brand to carry the USA-C (Certified Made in USA badge of honor).

You want animal cruelty free and sweatshop/child labor free products! So do we! Carved Solutions is Fair Labor Association Category D Licensed (plus our CERTIFIED Made in USA products guarantee that they are sweatshop/child labor free products).

Now that you know you’ve got the right brand where to begin? How about…

Veteran’s Day (November 11): Celebrate or remember your favorite Veteran.

Personally, I always appreciate the Marine in my Mom ~ Semper Fi ~she loves a personalized gift of our Vermont made soaps and I always light one of our Eco-Luxury candles for my Dad – Go Navy! He always put others first; “not self but country”. So many have expressed how much they cherish their Memorial Candle from Carved Solutions. Mike always feels a deep sense of responsibility when he creates them but I didn’t feel the true affect until he made one in memory of my Dad. My very own Eco-Luxury Memorial Candle means so much to me that when it isn’t on display at home it comes with me to every trade show we do!

Personalized soaps and personalized candles engraved with our signature custom carving technology captures the patriotic emotion and respect we feel for our service men and women. From retirement, to special recognition and to honor consider engraving their name, military rank, branch of service, initials or motto.

Thanksgiving (November 26): A day filled with gratitude, peace and love!

Giving thanks is something we all need to do more often! It’s great that we have a day to remind us, as it is so easy to let our “busy-ness” fog all that there truly is to be thankful for in our everyday lives.

From the first moment we open our eyes, the warmth of a shower, fullness after a meal, camaraderie with our co-workers and friends, the sense of being complete in the arms of a beloved, the way a fragrance can bring you back to a different time and place, the musical sound of a child’s voice, the warmth of your pet’s cuddle, the comfort of your favorite chair, the escape in a great book (The Unknown Rockwell; a new fav of mine) and even the generous acts of kindness bestowed by a stranger! Simple, yet priceless moments we often forget.

Show a hostess, a friend, a co-worker, a family member, a teacher, a neighbor, or even a shut-in that you care an appreciate them! A personalized gift from Carved Solutions makes it easy! Select our “Give Thanks” signature series or consider a truly personalized gift with our 100% Vegetable-Based, Triple-Milled, exquisitely fresh, personalized soaps and personalized candles engraved with our signature custom carving technology. A simply elegant initial, the classic monogram or the pièce de résistance the name or phrase!

Hanukkah (Sundown December 11): “Not by might, not by power, but by My spirit.”

… and May This Festival of Lights bring Blessings upon you and All Your Loved Ones for Happiness, for Health, and for Spiritual and Material Wealth, and May the Lights of Hanukkah Usher in the Light of Moshiach and a Better World for All of Humankind.

Another great opportunity to spoil the mother that takes care of all the details, or the hostess with the mostess! Celebrate with our Hanukkah trio or personalize with our Hanukkah Luxury Gift Set! Giving elegant is what we all desire – couple that with giving personalized, elegant and practical and you’ll find success every time!

Christmas (December 25): Traditions and memories vary by family but the foundation is all the same … love.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

Bring joy back into Christmas gift-giving. Make it simple, practical yet elegant and divine! In today’s world a Carved Solutions product is perfect for every recipient on your list. Yes, you want each and every one of them to have the best of the best, you want each and every one of them to know you specifically thought of them, and time is of the essence. Carved Solutions makes one-stop shopping easy! Do you need us to ship direct to them? We do that! Do you need a gift note? We do that too! No worries about gift-wrapping as our brand new, eco-luxury packaging is gift ready! Each gorgeous thyme colored box nestles each personalized soap bar with luxurious hemlock colored velvet! The exterior of the box is wrapped with a simple gold ribbon & bow!

New Year’s Eve (December 31): Ring in the New Year!

Can you believe 2010 is only 9 Monday’s away!?! Spoil your New Year’s Eve guests with their very own personalized soap (they can wash of the old and rinse in the new) or thank your host/hostess with a personalized celebration just for them – have a few of our “Celebrate” signature series gift sets ready for folks that drop in or places you visit. Everyone loves to feel special!

We’re there for you… Winter Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Corporate Parties, Corporate Gift-Giving, Client Appreciation, Employee Appreciation … and everything inbetween!

Carved Solutions … because gift-giving is personal!