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Carved Solutions & Vermont Teddy Bear Company | How Our Businesses Make Gifting Personal!

Co-Written By: Carved Solutions CEO/Owner Dawn Lancaster & Vermont Teddy Bear‘s Chief Bear Bill Shouldice

Our world has become anonymous in so many ways. People are so busy and involved in their electronics, technology and work, we often miss those moments of real connection. When is the last time that you were in a public place and caught the eye of a stranger and started a conversation?  Our heads are down and we are missing these opportunities to connect. Missing that connection causes many folks to spend time on social media every day, seeking ♥’s, likes, RTs, follows and friends in hopes of being acknowledged, noticed, and seen.

The one thing in life we all respond to is our name. When someone calls it, or we see it written, we identify it with ourselves immediately. A high quality, Vermont-made gift with the added value of personalization creates validation! The recipient has tangible proof that they are noticed and seen; tangible proof that they are important to someone. Recipients feel cared about, special and appreciated when someone takes the time to create a truly personal gift for them. In some cases, the gift becomes an heirloom passed down and loved through generations – a truly meaningful, unique gift.

From announcing a new baby, celebrating birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries to commemorating life’s moments like graduation, retirement, and memorials, the personalized gift-giving occasions and opportunities are endless! “A fine gentleman took his beloved on a hike. When they reached their destination, there was a burning Carved Solutions candle awaiting the lovely woman. Upon closer inspection she discovered the candle said, ‘Will you marry me?’. She said, ‘Yes!’” Dawn recalls. People are always shocked and pleased to find their name on very unique and luxurious made in Vermont gifts. At Carved Solutions, they refer to it as the “WOW” factor because of the reactions when they shared a prototype bar of soap with their recipient’s name on it. “WOW!” is something they hear time and time again, from individuals trying to celebrate their loved ones to event décor at Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s Inaugural Gala.

Using techniques like carving, engraving, printing, embossing, embroidering, sublimating, and sandblasting, Carved Solutions offers initials, monograms, names, logos, custom motifs, holiday and seasonal designs as well as themed designs. People also identify themselves by things they love, whether it be collections, sports, hobbies, horoscopes, professions, lifestyle, religion, heritage, or even politics. They also offer many different gift mediums – soaps, candles, jewelry, cutting boards, glassware, unbreakable beverageware, ornaments, signage, engraved accessories and more!

Being concierge-minded, Carved Solutions’ staff is remarkably accommodating. Not only do they take the time to give each and every client their undivided attention, they ask thought-provoking questions to determine the best gift and the best type of personalization for the gift-giver’s recipient. Serving the personalization market for over a decade has given them quite a bit of experience in learning how to best touch someone’s heart with a personalized gift, how to make someone feel truly special.

From choosing the Teddy Bear’s size, fur, eyes, and paw pad messaging to choosing its outfit, embroidery, or photo-realistic artwork, a Vermont Teddy Bear gifter can create a gift that is guaranteed to “WOW!” the recipient. Our Bear Crew has been lucky to see numerous children and adults receive a personalized gift within our Retail Store. Bill recalls a child exclaiming aloud, “this is the best day of my life” after receiving a personalized new best friend – it’s hard to beat that! We show personalization on our products both in our catalog and on our website, in addition to making it part of the checkout process. If you don’t add personalization after all the reminders, it can feel like you’re not giving the complete gift. If anyone is unsure about the process or their options, they can contact a friendly Bear Counselor at 1-800-829-BEAR (2327).

Carved Solutions’ tag line says it all — “Gift giving is personal”. Personalization makes both our quality Vermont-made gifts stand out from the crowd, ensuring guaranteed gift-giving success. The special experience of the giver and recipient keeps folks returning to our businesses again and again. It grows our fan base because the excited recipient wants to share the feeling too! Both of our companies have the ability to personalize gifts in 24-48 hours, allowing us to make “gifting personal” easy – yes, you can wait until the last minute, and we your gift will still arrive in time!

Carved Solutions concierge-minded staff can be reached at 1-802-872-0047 or orders@carvedsolutions.com 

What’s your favorite personalized gift you have ever given or received?



With Love…

Valentine’s Day is special at Carved Solutions!

Well, LOVE is  special at Carved Solutions.  It’s the key component behind everything that we do.

From our clients, to our staff, to our vendors and our community we’ve got nothing but love and helping you spread the love is something we are honored to be a part of.

Valentine’s Day is such a great excuse to spread the love!

Maybe it’s romantic love

Our fine, Vermont made triple-milled soaps, paired with a romantic Ruby Red Gem Collection candle paired with complimenting His & Hers flutes.  Special requests for flute engravings are always welcome, love is love in our world.

Maybe it’s appreciating your mom, grandma, aunt or special adopted aunt …




There is so much that these remarkably strong, loving women have done for all of us! Leading our tribe and always holding our best interests at heart, truly deserving of our love and appreciation.  Our heirloom quality jewelry and Vermont craftsmen designed & handcrafted wooden spoons are just the tip of the iceberg for spoiling these lovely ladies!

How about a care provider or an unsung hero…





No one cares for our loved ones, parents, children and pets like they do!  Our hand-poured candles and lovely Vermont made soaps will not only spoil them but will also show them that you really do appreciate and care about them!

Your best girlfriends…they always deserve the love!

Those best friends are always there to toast your successes and to lift you up when you need it most.  Celebrate their unconditional love with your love!  Our fine stemware and even unbreakable Tritan wine glasses are the perfect addition to their ladies’ lounge and a great reminder of the powerful friendship you share!

What about your child…

There is no love like the love we have for our children; it truly is infinite.  Remind your daughter, or granddaughter of your love daily with our heirloom quality Forever Charms and Bangles.  That thoughtful reminder that you are ALWAYS there for them can be the power that helps her move mountains.

Your co-workers…

Work gets busy and we often forget to show our appreciation for those who we spend most of our waking hours with!  Ease their stress, lighten their mood, or energize their mind with our pure essential oil diffusers!  Perfect for desk or home!

Maybe your thinking about February birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries or spoiling someone just because.  No matter who it is in your life, Carved Solutions has the perfect gift to show you care!


It’s the perfect time of year to share our tales of love!  Tell us your love story (concierge@carvedsolutions.com) and during the month of February when we secretly draw the staff choice you may be the Carved Solutions February Gift of LOVE!

Smiles always,

☼♥ Dawn


Welcome to September

Weddings are still very busy and what better way to pamper the newlyweds than with their very own personalized soap. Custom carved with their family name, their wedded monogram, a single initial or even a graphic to compliment the wedding theme itself. Carved Solutions personalized soaps and candles also make great wedding favors, unity candles, and reception décor.

Alyssa Milano's Wedding Monogram
Alyssa Milano's Wedding Monogram

On August 15th while David Glickman ( Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company ) and I were setting up for the NYIGF at the Javits Center, the beautiful and charmed Alyssa Milano was marrying her beloved, David Bugliari.

You may ask yourself – why is Alyssa Milano’s wedding in the Carved Solutions blog? Because we at Carved Solutions had the honor of playing an intimate part in Alyssa & David’s special day. The newlyweds worked with Colin Cowie who designed a wedding theme around nature and family with décor that reflected those themes (Alyssa said she wanted the wedding to reflect who they are as a couple).

Our Eco-Luxury products were a perfect fit. Each soap bar is 100% vegetable based, triple-milled, made in Vermont and bear a water-based fragrance. Our US made packaging captures the best of luxury with the benefit of reduce, reuse, recycle! Each candle is hand-poured in VT, generously infused with pure essential oils and an all-cotton, unbleached wick (safe for you and the environment)!

Each guest received a Carved Solutions custom monogrammed soap bar for a welcoming gift (additional custom monogrammed soap bars were added to the décor of the powder rooms). As you can see the couple designed a gorgeous and thoughtful monogram which looks stunning when carved! Additional décor provided by Carved Solutions were custom designed white candles infused with lavender essential oil intricately carved with Alyssa & David’s custom wedded monogram.

Though Carved Solutions products are elegant, gorgeous and timeless we can’t hold a candle (no pun intended) to the stunning Milano(wearing a custom gown by Vera Wang and holding a bouquet of lily of the valley flowers, walked down an aisle strewn with cream-colored rose petals and natural grass to the tune of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The couple exchanged traditional vows under a wrought-iron gazebo decorated with willow, calla lilies and roses. Among the guests was actor Bradley Cooper, a friend of the groom.)

Alyssa Milano's Wedding Album from People Magazine
Alyssa Milano's Wedding Album from People Magazine

The NYIGF was a great show for Carved Solutions! Our custom carved personalized soaps and monogrammed soaps were chosen over all other brands to be featured in the NYIGF’s “Sustainable: Design for a Better World” display. It was a true honor to be considered for Eco-Choice awards!! Green Retailer and @RetailExpert (on twitter) are truly dedicated not only to professionalism but to our Earth as well!

Our 4 seconds of fame on The Early Show was great fun! Carved Solutions was also featured on The Jewish Channel and had wonderful visits with the folks from O, The Oprah Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Real Simple Magazine and more! Seeing our loyal and cherished retailers is always a pleasure as well as making new friends and meeting new retailers!

Being the MOST DESIRED BRAND of monogrammed soap and personalized soap in the marketplace is truly our passion.

Carved Solutions, a Vermont family-owned and operated company has one mission … to make gift giving personal again! Our custom carved, all natural, VT made soaps and candles are the perfect gifts for every holiday, event and occasion.

Imagine the appreciation from the receiver knowing you truly thought specifically of them! With our 24-48 hour turn-around time giving “personal” is easy!

There are many reasons Carved Solutions is known as “The Home of the Most Desired Brand of Monogrammed Soaps and Candles”. Highest quality in the industry, retail pricing from $15-$80 fits every budget, on-shore production fits our economy, our eco-friendly products and production methods fits our earth!

Carved Solutions Personalized Soap & Monogrammed Soap
Carved Solutions Personalized Soap & Monogrammed Soap

It’s also “Back to School” time! Back to school is always a mix of emotions at the Lancaster home. Summer quickly moves to fall in VT and fortunately Sarah (now 9) is always excited for school. Being parents to a 4th grader is an exciting time; our baby is growing up more and more every day! There are moments that I wish that time would just stand still and I just can’t imagine where the last 9 years went. Mike is always great about adding feathers to Sarah’s wings and reminding me “that it’s all good!”.

It is truly a gift having the opportunity to experience the world through Sarah’s innocent eyes and her open heart. Getting lost in her imagination, her love for her Greater Swiss puppy (8 months old and already 60+ pounds) and her daily reminder that she shares with me (she **still*** thinks I’m the BEST mom ever … I suppose this is why I don’t want her to grow up!).

Back to School also brings added excitement to Carved Solutions. Have you thanked your child’s summer care provider yet? Created a warm “Welcome Back” for your child’s bus driver, teacher, or all the other special folks in your child(ren)’s lives that deserve recognition and appreciation. Their personal attention and care to your little angel(s) is so deserving of Eco-Luxury pampering that can only be found at Carved Solutions.

“Back to School” also holds much excitement for the college-bound!
The new apartment or dorm – have you given that special finishing touch yet? An initial, monogram, name or even a graphic; what about a phrase “Don’t forget to study!”? So much fun can be had with a bar of Carved Solutions personalized soap.

As the only OFFICIALLY GREEK LICENSED personalized soap manufacturer in the marketplace; Carved Solutions is the only place you can mix SORORITY love with a personalized touch! Great Sister gifts and Rush gifts too!

The rest of the year is made easy with Carved Solutions too! Hostess gifts for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & Christmas. In fact, Carved Solutions monogrammed soaps and personalized soaps are the perfect gifts for every occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement), holiday (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas) you name it!

WOW! It’s been way too long since we’ve had a moment together; lots to share! How has the summer been for you? I hope it was filled with sun-kissed days, gentle breezes, the cool shade of a favorite tree, your toes in a mountain stream, floating in a gorgeous lake, the ride of the ocean waves and endless hikes to gorgeous new places with surprises around every bend. I hope your days have been filled with unconditional love, laughter, new discoveries, friends, family, growth and gratitude. I hope your nights have been filled with moonlight, starry skies, the music in dance and the music of the great outdoors, BBQs, bonfires and sparklers…did you see the sunrise?

Carved Solutions … because gift giving is personal!

As always, I wish you dreams come true and the best life has to offer!


PS: Have you discovered the Flow Lucky Free lifestyle yet? We at Carved Solutions love being FLF! From the FlowLuckyFree site “remember to embrace LIFE with passion, breathe and simply let yourself FlowLuckyFree. It’s in that moment that you’ll smile to yourself and say “aaaaight”. Plus, the designs rock, the shirt quality is supreme and the philosophy true. Who doesn’t want to FlowLuckyFree? “