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Welcome to June!

Happy Father’s Day!

Summer has so many special opportunities to celebrate. Graduation, Father’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and even housewarmings. But the most precious gifts are when you think of someone “just because” or when you remember to appreciate someone who deserves your attention. A thoughtful friend, a busy hostess, a dedicated teacher, or a special family member that deserves that feeling of “I specifically thought of you”.

Custom Carved Vermont made soaps & candles
Custom Carved Vermont made soaps & candles

That’s where Carved Solutions comes in. As the home of Eco-Luxury we give you the opportunity to share guilt-free pampering. Spoil someone in ways they never knew possible; the highest quality, made in Vermont products, custom carved and personalized just for them.

With Father’s Day in mind today I can’t help but share a little about my Dad. He always said that “your word defines your character and without your word you have nothing”. With that said, you can trust and depend on Carved Solutions to always be honest with you. When we say Made in the USA, even our boxes are Made in the USA. When we say carved not engraved, you can see the difference instantly. Our Eco-Luxury classification is a true description of who we are and what we do; not a marketing term. My Dad always insisted that business should be done on a handshake and at Carved Solutions that mindset resonates throughout the entire company.

I love reminiscing about my Dad!

I remember when I was younger my friend thought he’d never be married and he’d never have children. I can’t help but smile when I hear his beautiful, intelligent, and loving wife calling him “Squeeze” and I can’t help but gush when I see the smile in his eyes as he looks at his magical little girl, who does look so very much like her Daddy!

I don’t think that men truly appreciate the gift of fatherhood until they become one, themselves. As I watch my own husband interact with our daughter, Sarah, I see the priceless appreciation in his eyes and the wonder of how his heart got out of his body and became this beautiful little being that one day will grow up and he will have to set free.

When I was pregnant and we found out we were having a girl, I couldn’t help but be excited for Mike to experience the love, power and affect that “Daddy’s little girl” has on a man’s life, heart and beliefs.

With great pride, I watch him add feathers to her wings every day preparing her for that flight. He does a much better job giving her feathers than I do.

Sarah reminds me of myself as a young girl. How not only does she have her Daddy wrapped around her finger, but he holds her heart in the palm of his hand, the great protector. Watching the two of them makes me reminisce about my childhood experiences with my Dad and allows me to remember the joy he did bring into my life. How I wish he was here now so he could enjoy Sarah and Mike too.
With much gratefulness and appreciation we do still have the gift of Mike’s Dad, Jack. Jack has been in my life since I was 12 years old (I’ll turn 40 this August~shhhh!). It is with great love and honor that I call him “Dad” and he is in every since of the word a wonderful father to me. Jack has always offered to me his support, guidance, love, patience and humor! I often wonder what he would say about me if I wasn’t in the room. I would bet on one hand he’s proud and loves me very much and on the other hand finds me challenging at times, and wonders where I come up with my “ideas”. For me, he’s priceless and I’m so glad Sarah has a Grandpa like him!

Whether we come from “dysfunctional” families or even the perception of perfection in the Cleavers or the Cosby’s, our Dads have a remarkable impact on who we are and who we’ll become. Be aware of the impression your Dad has made on your life. If it was good, seal it in your heart and strive to equal it, if it was less than desirable, learn from it and make your life easier now.

An important belief that my Dad always impressed on me was to love, respect and protect your mother because you only have one. I think my Dad finally was able to find peace and let go of this existence when Mike told him not to worry about his girls because he’d take care of them. The best Dads I know have deep respect for their Mothers and their wives.

Ahh, the joy of fatherhood!!!

Chris…you’ve come a long way baby! Bud, you make me proud! Jack you are my shelter in the storm! Daddy, I miss you!!!!

Got a special message for the Dads in your life? Let us know, if you’ve got a suggestion, we’re willing to try anything so let us know what your soap should say!

Always with smiles,