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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with love and gratitude…

I couldn’t think of a better time to share with you what GRATITUDE means to me.


Give – no matter what, give what you have, give of yourself, give of your time, give your love, give your forgiveness.

Relate – remember to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Patience & understanding are priceless.

Appreciate – even the littlest thing! Waking up in the morning, the ability to feel, to breathe, to touch, to smile, to choose happiness.

Thoughtfulness – we are all experiencing our own “realities” as we saunter through this journey of life. Think about someone else’s experience before you react.

Inspire – do the right things for the right reasons. Encourage, empower and embrace those around you to be the best they can be by giving your best.

Time – it goes so fast! Experience, love, forgive, be present in this very moment because this very moment is all you have! Respect & cherish TIME.

Understand – we are all different, headed down different paths but in the end we come together. Understanding is a gift we give!

Dance – celebrate the moment that is least expected. With your friends, you family, your co-workers, strangers find time to celebrate a present moment & DANCE!

Empathy – to steal a quote from the movie Avatar, “I SEE YOU” says it all!

I am GRATEFUL for YOU! I hope you are creating a space for gratitude in your heart today and everyday.

Much Love ♥ and Light ☼,