Happy Fall!

“Someone’s got to go out there and love people.” ~ Diana, Princes of Wales, Humanitarian, member of the British royal family

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a moment to share. For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking of posting but the subject matter kept eluding me. Then I received the above quote and immediately knew what I needed to communicate.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what we do at Carved Solutions. Being the industry leader in personalized soaps and candles, monogrammed soaps and candles, and custom private label soaps and candles is a great way to spend my day. But most importantly the folks that work with us are treasured and appreciated and that brings me to what I love most about Carved Solutions…THE PEOPLE. The people we work with, our clients, our vendors, and the amazing folks that populate our networks…that’s what I love most!

Without you it doesn’t matter that we offer the deepest, most crisp carvings, it doesn’t matter that our products are the highest quality in the personalized soap and candle industry, it doesn’t matter that we offer stellar client care and customer service; because without you nothing matters.

Mike and I feel so fortunate; as we’ve built this business, we’ve added to our family so many wonderful people that looking back now, I can’t imagine not having them (you) in our lives.

Many business owners that run the “cream of the crops” of their industries sit back and think to themselves “everyone needs me”. Filled with gratitude, I humbly offer that it is us that need you.

A lateral competitor of ours received a call from a client looking for something very specific; he knew he couldn’t provide so he sent the client our way. This client has turned out to not only be one of our biggest fans but a wonderful mentor. Each time I have the opportunity to return the favor to this lateral competitor I’m eager to do so. He’s a joy to work with and Barbara has been an absolute gift to Carved Solutions.

A client of ours took the time to share her experience with a very strong player in the media. Imagine my surprise when I asked how they found us and discovered it all came from her. Another client of ours owns a very successful e-commerce company with his wife. They have a very long-standing history and are both very busy people. Out of nowhere, he called the other day and we spent almost an hour on the phone talking about the industry. Imagine my surprise when he willingly shared his history for my benefit; to enable us to learn more about being the best business owners we can be.

Carved Solutions is also blessed with some of the most amazing vendors. We are so close with one of our vendors that evenings in our dining room are spent brainstorming how to improve our businesses together. Another vendor is the best big brother I’ve never had. No one tells me “how it really is” more than he does and the belief he has in us is beyond encouraging. He is truly responsible for the creation of Carved Solutions (he pushed me off the fence!). Last but not least, how many businessmen, with 40 years of success behind them and still at the helm their own empire would take the time to call and spend an hour of his personal time supporting, educating and listening? Yeah, we’re blessed with that gentleman too!

As our network grows more and more people come into our lives. Each and everyone brings something with them; something that changes us forever.

With all that said, I’ve got to get back to the work at hand, Carved Solutions is calling! But my favorite part is YOU!

Smiles always,


Spring is around the corner!!!

There are a lot of exciting things going on at Carved Solutions.

With the coming of April also comes the joy and excitement of the Spring Bride!!! Carved Solutions does weddings like none other!

Do you need a special gift?

Carved Solutions has just what you need for that special HOSTESS, the WEDDING PARTY, OUT OF TOWN GUESTS, WEDDING FAVORS and WEDDING RECEPTION DECOR as well as the most unique UNITY CANDLE!

Love the idea of fine soap custom carved with a name, graphic or sentiment but wish you could add a special message from you and your beloved to the keepsake box? ONLY at Carved Solutions will you find such a personal service! With love and appreciation your special message will be included inside each keepsake box!

At Carved Solutions we cherish our brides! This is YOUR special day and we want you to have every last detail you’ve been dreaming of. We take our job of making it easy and exactly what you want, seriously. THE KEY TO REMEMBER: All of our products are customizable with graphics, names, monograms, phrases…it’s all up to you!

In today’s anonymous world the art of gift-giving has changed dramatically. With so many mass-produced, overseas items populating today’s storefronts, the ability to give a gift that imparts an intimate awareness of individual caring has been lost. Carved Solutions brings back the warm feelings of recognition, awareness and connection. By customizing Vermont-made soaps, candles and embroidered gifts you have the power to personally touch someone’s soul.

Mike has been hard at work creating new designs for your enjoyment. Whether for professional use or pleasure these carvings are must haves! Capture the spirit of the butterfly, hope of the dragonfly, your love of golf or immerse yourself in relaxation with our seashore series to mention a few! Our design library is ever growing…check back often to find out what’s new!

I can never end a blog post without a personal message!

Remember the gift of patience throughout your busy days. Patience to your young child that only wants a moment of your time, patience for your spouse who might have had a hard day, patience for your parents whose lives are entering different phases, patience for your siblings and friends who fight with the same baggage you do every day, patience for yourself. In patience one often finds kindness!



Welcome to Carved Solutions 2008

What was going to be my last post of 2007 has become my first post of 2008. It is, yet again, another moment to reflect in gratitude. To wake up in the morning feeling full of gratitude is a blessed feeling. It starts the day with endless possibilities. With gratitude in ones’ heart all is achievable, all attainable. One of the best times to feel gratitude is amongst life’s challenges.

Even through life’s challenges, doors are opened and dreams are brought into reality. Lessons can be learned, skills can be honed. The opportunity to find ourselves often presents itself through challenge.

When that challenge is a loss, we find out even more about ourselves, our beliefs and faith, our friends and our family. It seems this year, more than most, many have been brought into my life that have felt the touch of loss, the pain of miss.

This past holiday season we carved many remembrance items (candles & soap). The work, emotional at times, is also very fulfilling knowing we were playing a small part in someone professing their eternal love for someone else, a small part in someone’s healing…powerful! Both Mike and I are honored to be a part of that kind of love!

With gratitude comes appreciation. Appreciation for others, patience for others, understanding for others; that underneath it all we are all the same imperfect human beings with our arsenal of baggage.

Some of us share the same baggage and some of us have all sorts of “interesting” baggage that even at times becomes humorous (thanks to my sister, Roxanne, who can move our family baggage from painful to hysterical!). Whatever your “baggage” happens to be find away to sort out the lessons that lie deep within. Sometimes the lessons are foggy and hard to see, other times they are they are so clear it is like getting a fist in the face.

Mike’s grandpa, Wilfred, used to refer to it as the “School of Hard Knocks”. Wilfred lived 99 years and 9 months; he had a lot of time to learn about life. Grandpa would say, “Some people learn quickly that a punch in the face (an action or choice – hurts) and opt to duck, block or run for safety when they see it come again (change a direction, make amends, make a different choice) others must be repetitively pummeled time and time again to discover that the punch (repetitive negative actions, holding grudges, denying forgiveness or bad choices) create the same painful results”. I feel fortunate to one of the first group (even if someone else get’s the punch before I do, I try to learn from their lesson…why take a fist in the face when you don’t have to?).

Appreciation always brings me to forgiveness. The ultimate sense of freedom, a core sense of true peace is only found in forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that responsibility or accountability is removed from an action but it does mean that the hurt from the act cannot hold you prisoner. We all make mistakes. Some make HUGE mistakes or truly bad choices that hurt others but that doesn’t mean those, who have been hurt, need to let the person in error and the pain they’ve brought into their lives force them into a prison of anger, locked in the chains of wanted revenge or the attack of the slanderous tongue. Don’t allow others to own you, your heart or deny yourself peace by focusing on their choices ~ rise above. (NOTE: I do share this from a view previously swallowed by pain and anger…another moment in the School of Hard Knocks…I lost myself allowing the pain from a wrong-doing take control of my life until I rose above).

The PEACE of FORGIVENESS, the LESSONS found in BAGGAGE, the kind act of offering UNDERSTANDING, PATIENCE and APPRECIATION that one longs to receive from others. LEARNING from and FINDING ourselves in our experiences, failures and losses. Ultimately embracing the feeling of GRATITUDE for all of it! That gratitude will set you free and the reward…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is no greater a gift that I could wish for all of you, for all of us for 2008 than UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

May your path find you with a light heart, a skip in your step, and a clear vision of where you are going.

Smiles always,


Life at Carved Solutions…