Boss’s Day!

My CS Family most certainly outdid themselves.  There aren’t even words to express how they humble me, how I am completely filled with gratitude for each and everyone of them.  I wouldn’t be doing this post justice if I didn’t expose that tears of appreciation are streaming down my face from having just read the blog below that our beloved Sierra gave to me to post.  There is a big part of me that just wants to keep all this love to myself.  I’m almost embarrassed to share the beautiful things they have written.  However, I know I wouldn’t be true to the guidance I offer, “receive a compliment, allow it to settle within and say thank you”.  My dear CS Family I am overwhelmed with thank you’s as I prepare to publish this post you have offered me.

I believe that every single day my value on this earth is measured by how positively I touch another’s life.  I believe in sharing love every moment I can. Whether that love comes via my words or my actions; ultimately it’s that love that matters.  I know many believe that love has no place in the workplace; wholeheartedly I happily disagree with them!

There have been a few bosses in my life too.  Some who have shown me who I never want to become and others who continue to inspire me today.  Marshall Learned will always hold a special place in my heart.  His ability to guide with humility and reverence will always inspire me.  To my own husband, Mike, who I know would never see himself as my boss,  has held a great leadership role in my life for 30 years!  He has always given 100% of himself to guide, support and lift up my crazy dreams!

With immense gratitude for those who choose to spend their days with me I offer you Sierra’s creation for Boss’s Day!

Smiles always,



dawn flutter

Boss’s Day is a US recognized holiday that is annually held on October 16th. Traditionally, the day is dedicated to appreciating your boss for their compassion and leadership throughout the year.

Carved Solutions is officially recognized as a woman-owned company, with our lovely servant leader being Dawn Lancaster. Today, the Carved Solutions’ Family has taken the moment to write down stories, poems, and thoughtful notes to express with Dawn just how much we love her and are grateful for her guidance and compassion.

You Inspire Us

You inspire us, encourage us
And protect us from harm
You know when to turn up the heat
And when to stay calm
You direct us and praise us
And keep us on track
Consider this message
A hearty slap on the back
We really appreciate

All that you do and say
This comes with big thanks
To you, Dawn, on your Boss’s Day

-Clare Urban


I would like to congratulate Dawn Lancaster on this holiday and express my deepest gratitude to her for all the support, creativeness, inspiration and guidance she has always helped me with, in order to achieve great results. And this is not only related strictly to the job, but she is always there, always super helpful and caring, less like a boss, but more like a mother, or like a best friend.

She was the first person I told that my wife and I were expecting our first baby. She was very understanding when I couldn’t fulfill my tasks at work as well because of a broken wrist; she helped us when my wife was pick pocketed; she spent several hours, even days, in order to help find the right house for my family; and she is kind with me even when I make mistakes. I could go on and on with numerous examples and situations because basically she helped making my life here in the USA so easy and helpful!

I have never had any other jobs in the past where I could feel at home. But at CS—Dawn made this happen! I am happy that I have my CS family here!

Dawn always encouraged me never to give up and helped me solve many of my problems, things and situations I would never forget.

Thank you Dawn!



Ever since I started working for Dawn last summer, I realized that she would be one of my biggest inspirations and role models. Not only does Dawn always put her best foot forward, but she can handle every situation thrown at her, with grace. I am so thankful to have such a kind and caring employer who is concerned with my happiness and well being before work. Her methods only make me want to work as hard as I can and give her my best results. I will always be grateful for the opportunity she has given me at Carved Solutions as it has been the best job and work environment I could imagine.

Love, Emily


A True Friend

It’s the way that you carry yourself
and all those little things you do,
the way your hugs reach out
shedding light upon the doubts…
that proves true worth in you.
A friend some say, is always near
to catch us when we fall;
to hold our hands, when all those plans…
come crashing down like walls.
The best of friends bring laughter,
the best of friends bring warmth,
they join us in the trying times
and show us how to love.
In case you ever wonder,
just how much you mean to me…
take the time to read these words
or remember… just to breathe.
What time may bring before to pass
or the words we never seek…
when I think of you, these words speak the truth…
Mentor, Mother, Sister, Friend
Pure of heart, generous of spirit, loving beyond words.
I am blessed to have you in my life.

E Mark Wolf wrote this poem for you, knowing how much you mean to me and in recognition of all you have done for me. You are one of God’s Earth Angels, blessing all who know you.  Your selflessness is beyond compare & your strength is awe inspiring.  I love and admire you dear friend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being… my true friend!

-Heather Luck


There is an amazing, talented, positive, beautiful, supportive woman in my life.  Her name is Dawn Lancaster and I am blessed to know her and enjoy her company.  I recollect a story that sums up how deeply she loves and how deeply she is aware of her surroundings.  One day, as we were playing (I was beautifying her nails) the lights all of a sudden went out.  I couldn’t see a thing.  Upon looking up she caught my startled gaze and she calmly said, “Oh, meet my father.  He does this sometimes when he wants to say hi.”  He is not of this world anymore, but graced us with his presence that day.  So, I greeted him and then Dawn said, “Ok, dad time to turn the lights back o,n Cheryl has to get back to work.” Guess what??!! Just as soon as she said that, POOF the lights came RIGHT back on.  Immediately!!  It gave us both chills.  Dawn is a deeply caring woman on many levels and it enlightens me.  She says when I’m around she feels like I am holding her up.  I am, on a pedestal.  Thank you Dawn for giving everyone around you positive energy. 

 It’s so rare to find a woman who builds up and supports other woman.  That’s what I’m all about and that’s why I’m proud to have her in my circle.

-Cheryl Forsyth


Dawn is an opportunist, but never selfishly, she only gives. She knows nothing else. She innately knows what one needs, seeks a way to help, and wants nothing more but to fulfill what is missing. In my own experience, she has brought me opportunity within my professional endeavors, she has brought me peace and forgiveness against others, and she has brought me support and guidance when I did not know where to turn. When I describe Dawn to others I often start with, ‘you just love her’. A mentor to me and so many others, her passion for people is contagious; the work place here at Carved Solutions has been the most blessing and rewarding experience I have ever had.

Dawn, I love you more than words can say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for how you encourage me everyday. Your life lessons you share with me are truly sacred and I continue to aspire to them and live by them each day.

-Sierra Thompson


Here at Carved Solutions we wish all those who dedicate themselves to guiding their employees to success a happy Boss’s Day! And we hope you relay your positive reception to your supervisors, managers and bosses. Surprise them with a personal token of your gratitude!

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