OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My Mom is a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR…twice. She’s been free from Breast Cancer for almost two decades now!  Imagine my humble honor when I heard from O, The Oprah Magazine  that they wanted to feature a Carved Solutions’ product yet again AND they wanted part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.

Oprah O Magazine 1014 BC

To say I was overwhelmed with gratitude doesn’t even come close!  Then to learn they wanted to share that Carved Solutions entire Breast Cancer Awareness Collection donates 50% of all SALES (not proceeds – 50% of GROSS SALES) to the S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund just blew me away.

S.D. Ireland Cancer Research Fund is a remarkable organization that uses 100% of all donations for research only.  Administrative and other costs are paid for privately by the Ireland family so when you give you know your dollars are making a real difference.  


You’ve heard it said before, Breast Cancer knows no boundaries. It affects anyone regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status or geographic location. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. I would love to say that my Mom was my one in 8 but I now have a dear Aunt and a sister-friend fighting the battle. Breast Cancer touches all of us.  So what can we do?  STOP THE ONE IN EIGHT. GET A MAMMOGRAM! Give to cancer research, eat healthy, stay active, and keep a positive outlook on life!  


Life is so busy these days and we all need to be reminded to check our breasts and what better way than to spoil yourself, family and friends with a little luxury.  Each one of our Signature Spa Endless Lather – All Months gives you that quick reminder: New Soap = New Month = take a shower, lather and check!

I also wanted to make sure those battling cancer knew they are WARRIORS and we their family and friends are their tribe dedicated to their fight.  With two very special WARRIORS in mind, I came to the office one day and described what I was hoping for, something heirloom quality, something special, something WARRIOR.  Between our Emily and Mike they created exactly what I was envisioning and more.  Now you can arm your WARRIOR with their very own .935 Argentium Sterling Silver pendant too!



Looking to celebrate someone special?  We’ve got a way for you to do that!  We love celebrating with Cocktails Curing Cancer every October too!  Renee Dall is an inspiration for all of us to be dedicated for the cure – and she makes it fun too!


My Dad always said you only have one mother, take care of her, and protect her with your life.  Because hugs from Grandma are priceless!

mom and sarah 4

It’s with great gratitude that I share this above picture was taken 10 years ago and the love that little blond girl has for her grandma just continues to grow (just like her – now towering over grandma!).

Smiles always!


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