I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect person to share thoughts on hometown than our Laura.  For me the journey was fairly short to Vermont.  You’ll discover below that Laura had a great opportunity to experience many hometowns growing up.

My dad came from Chicago, IL and my mom  came the small farm town of Orwell, VT.  Thanks to the Navy and the Marines, I was was born in Gary, IN!  Our family returned to Vermont when I was five years old.   Somehow, I’ve ruined my husband’s Vermonter bloodlines by being the mother of his child (who now doesn’t have TWO Vermont born parents…if you are a Vermonter this is very important).  Our connection to our roots remains important to so many of us no matter how old we get.  I’ve dropped the majority of my Midwestern twang (too much teasing from Mike in middle school) though I do still love the BEARS!  Go Bears!

Carved Solutions family is a great melting pot of hometown’s too.  Clare is from England, Alex is from Moldova and Emily has Canadian roots yet today we all call Vermont home.  

We would love to hear what hometown means to you! Remember no matter how remote your hometown is, just ask and we’ll personalize it for you!

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What does your hometown mean to you? Every hometown is special, from the most remote country town to the biggest metropolitan city. Only the locals know the true meaning of your hometown- the best slice of pizza, the café where neighbors meet, and the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Whether you’ve stayed there your whole life or traveled the world, thinking of home is likely to bring a smile to your face. It’s the place where your memories come alive. It’s the place where a part of your heart resides. Here at Carved Solutions, we have ample appreciation for how our hometowns shape our very selves, and this has inspired us to create a collection of very personal Hometown products!

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For me, small talk can get a little complicated when someone asks,


where are you from?” Can anyone relate?

I was born in Minneapolis MN, a place that I have only the faintest memories of. Luckily, they are warm ones. I recall hot porridge for breakfast, and my 5th birthday party at the Mall of America. Do you call the Great Lakes region home? You’ll appreciate a personalized cutting board for carving your next hearty bone-warming roast this coming blizzard season. It will remind you that home sweet home has its special comforts even in the coldest months, when you can snuggle up and savor the joys of warm blankets and hot cocoa.

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I am also from North Carolina. I lived in Charlotte throughout elementary school, and returned again for my college years at Elon University. The South has a wonderful culture of tradition, sophistication, and charm, where smiling faces are happy to strike up conversation everywhere you go. There’s nothing like the sunny summers and visits to the Carolina beaches to lift a person’s spirits. I am reminded that a part of the South will never leave me, as even today an occasional “Y’all” or “Ma’am” will sail from my lips! It’s as natural as sweet tea. Speaking of tea, may I suggest you serve it in a special home town highball glass, perhaps even from a matching pitcher!

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Then again, I’ve also lived for the longest amount of time in Connecticut. Much of my school time and memories of growing up are located here. Proximity to New York City made for frequent visits to the Big Apple, yet it retained the benefits of small-town New England countryside. Connecticut is a place where each of the four seasons can be fully enjoyed, from boating in the summer to snowshoeing in the winter and all the fun in-between. My Mom still lives here, where she enjoys the glow of our Pure Aromatherapy candles in her home, making for a pleasant visit every time.

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But these days, the much easier question to answer would be “Where’s home?” While I have great memories of all the places I’ve lived, Vermont is my home. This is a pretty special place. It was here that I met my husband after all! Vermont is unique in its fervor for all things local. One visit to a Vermont farmer’s market will show you, this passion extends far beyond our famous breweries and cheeses! Carved Solutions is proud to participate in this culture with our own Vermont-made soaps, candles, cutting boards, and jewelry.

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What about you? Whether your hometown is San Francisco or Chicago, perhaps Saint Louis or Dallas, or ANY of our nation’s 50 states, Carved Solutions knows that there’s no place like home. Our thoughtful collection is perfect way to celebrate a move, acts as a touching hostess gift, or as a way to cherish your very own home.

-Laura Martin, Client Transaction Specialist

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